Last Episode of ‘KARA Project’ to Air Tonight, New Members of KARA Will Be Determined

Tonight will be the last episode of the MBC Music reality show “KARA Project,” and you know what that means – the final KARA lineup will be solidified tonight! The new group members will be determined 50% by experts and the current KARA members, and 50% by a global live vote.

You can still vote for your favorite potential new member from the Baby KARA group here, and it’s now or never so get to voting!

moonROK will update you with the final results of the show – who do you think will win?


Source: KARA Official Website

Image courtesy of DSP Media
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  1. ot94ever 8 years ago
    I’m so scared….I really hope Chae Won makes it in, and I really hope they make a new unit out of the left over members! They’d better…

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