Kwanghee to Pull Out of ‘In Bed With the Boss’

ZE:A member Kwanghee to end his MC position on “In Bed with the Boss.”

After the show in the 14th, Kwanghee met with the production team for a discussion and  finally decided to leave the show. The decision came from the show not being able to find a film schedule to accommodate Kwanghee’s busy schedule, a representative explained.

An “In Bed with the Boss” representative from OSEN reported, “Because so many of our film schedules overlapped with his other activities, we eventually decided to search for another MC.”

Kwanghee, Kim Gura, and Defconn attracted viewers with their personable charms, and the programs first airing on July 26th had comparable ratings with a similar program, “1 Night 2 Days.”

Furthermore, Seoul’s mayor Park Wonsoon, a delegate from Pororo’s development team Iconix, and YMC Entertainment’s president and artist, Tae Jinah, will be joining the show on the 16th for the third episode. Jung Sunggyu will be joining as the special announcer for Tae Jinah’s episode.

Meanwhile, Kwanghee will be promoting on SBS “Inkigayo” and OliveTV “OliveShow 2014,” and plans to appear on SBS “Fashion King Korea 2” on the 16th.


Source: OSEN

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