Kris’ Chinese Agency Makes Official Statement Regarding Alleged Relationship with Xu Jing Lei

After reports of Kris dating the Xu Jing Lei, the director of his Chinese movie, Somewhere Only We Know, blew up on the internet yesterday, Kris’ Chinese agency has made an official statement on the matter.

Kris’ agency made this statement on July 6: “They are just an actor and a director working together. They are not in a romantic relationship.”

Following Kris’ agency, Xu Jing Lei’s side also made a statement confirming the same.

Later that afternoon Xu Jing Lei herself also commented on the news via her personal Weibo account, writing, “This is a joke by our international friends, right?”


Once again, we here at moonROK are dedicated to bringing you the news, so if more positions are taken or statements are made, we will certainly report. Until then, this is the most recent official update on this matter.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Images courtesy of Ilgan Sports
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