KPOP STAR Season 2 Contestant Jeon Minjoo to Make Her Debut on July 15

Jeon Minjoo, who became known as “Little BoA” during her time on Season 2 of popular SBS audition show KPOP STAR, will be making her formal debut as a singer with her first single, “Rain Star.”

The song makes use of the sound of rain and an emotional piano solo in order to convey the pain of a lover. Using lyrical sensibilty to unravel the listener’s emotion, “Rain Star” is of the “Neo Classical R&B” genre, according to our partners at eDaily. The song harmonizes polished melody line and rich orchestra sound with a hip-hop rhythm.

Jeon Minjoo was recognized as having the potential to make it into the Top 8 on KPOP STAR. As a judge, BoA herself was shocked when Jeon Minjoo showcased her powerful dance moves and stable singing ability, earning the nickname “Little BoA.” Since the end of the show, Jeon Minjoo has been preparing for her solo debut without telling anyone.

The director of her debut music video is Cha Eun Taek, who also directed PSY‘s “Hangover” and Lee Hyori‘s “You Go Girl” music videos, among many others. Five or six days into the music video shoot, director Cha Eun Taek stated, “Jeon Minjoo is a rookie with a lot of instinct and sense.”

Prior to the release of Jeon Minjoo’s debut single, “Rain Star,” on July 15, she will release a music video teaser via her agency, Music K Entertainment, on July 11.


Thank you to our partners at eDaily for this exclusive update – make sure you stay tuned to moonROK for more updates like these from Korea!

Image courtesy of eDaily
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