Korean Media Claims Minzy is Leaving 2NE1 Upon Contract Expiration

Just now, stories are swirling all over the Korean media that Minzy is leaving 2NE1 and YG Entertainment.

According to the reports in Korea, the term of Minzy’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment is coming to an end, and the 2NE1 member is considering leaving.

One report states, “The expiration date of 2NE1’s contract is quickly approaching, and it seems very likely the team will disband. Gong Minzy is already in talks with another company.”

Another claims, “We know that Minzy is in discussion with her agency about her contract. Because the contractual offer she is seeking is too big, it seems she will leave the group.”

This isn’t the first time that disbandment rumors have afflicted 2NE1; similar reports were released in 2014 when Minzy deleted the “2NE1” tag from her personal social networking pages.

Those reports were quickly quashed when 2NE1 released a killer album (“CRUSH“) later the same year.

YG Entertainment has yet to make a statement confirming or denying the reports of Minzy’s departure from 2NE1, but according to OSEN, the agency is preparing to make a statement this afternoon at either a press conference or via an official press release.

MoonROK will have all the details on this story as they continue to unfold, so be sure to stick around.


[UPDATE] YG Entertainment has just made a short statement to Xports News saying the following: “We are presently learning of the reports about 2NE1. We are in the midst of checking whether [these reports] are true and will state our position once organized.”


Source: TV Daily, Sports Seoul, Herald Pop, OSENXports News

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment
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