Kim Jaejoong Sells Out Pre-Enlistment Solo Concert

Kim Jaejoong to enlist in the army on the 31st for his 21 month long duty.

He will be holding an exclusive solo concert for the fans just before his enlistment, the first batch of tickets for which sold out in just 5 minutes.

CJES Entertainment announced on the 4th, “Kim Jaejoong will be holding his solo concert “The Beginning of The End” on the 28th and 29th at Korea University. When the first round of ticket sales opening today at 8pm, there was a huge influx of site traffic, and the tickets sold out in just 5 minutes.”

Kim Jaejoong held his birthday fanmeeting in January, the tickets for which sold out in 15 minutes, but having beat that record with this solo concert truly shows his potential and power in ticket sales.

A representative from ticket sales revealed, “Even though we announced the release of Jaejoong’s solo concert tickets later than usual, the interest from local and foreign fans was explosive. Fans are fierce and will go to war over getting to see Kim Jaejoong genuinely and in person. This Friday, the second round of ticket sales for his concert will begin, and this time we are well prepared for the same level of chaos as last time.”


Source: MBN

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