Kim Eunbi Has Withdrawn from YG’s Upcoming Girl Group

Music industry insiders have revealed that Superstar K2’s Kim Eunbi has already withdrawn from YG’s upcoming girl group 6 months ago due to health concerns.

YG responded, “It is true. It is unfortunate that a friend who has trained with us for so long has left before fulfilling her dream. It was determined that participating as part of the group and its activities may strain her health.”

Equipped with a strong stage presence and powerful vocals, Kim Eunbi was an eye catching performer on Super Star K2. In 2011, she joined YG Entertainment along with fellow Super Star K2 contestant Kang Seungyoon (WINNER) as a trainee.

With the withdrawal of Kim Eunbi, the only two confirmed members of YG’s upcoming girl group are Kim Jisoo and Kim Jenny. Kim Jisoo (19) is known for her beauty and dance skills. Kim Jenny (18) featured in G-Dragon’s “That XX” as the female lead and has featured on a number of YG tracks already.

Many fans are anticipating the debut of YG’s newest girl group, as it has been 5 years since YG’s previous and only current girl group, 2NE1.

According to a representative, the girl group’s debut album is in its final stages and the group will debut in November at the earliest or by the end of the year at the latest: “Almost everything has been decided including the music, performance and team concept. We are preparing to film the music video now.” Furthermore, YG plans to remain silent on how many members are in the group and who else is in it.

Last year, YG posted in a blog, “The members of the group have trained for about 3 years and their average age is 17. They are fluent in multiple languages and you can anticipate not only their domestic, but overseas activities as well.”


Source: Ilgan Sports

Courtesy of YG Entertainment
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