Kim Dongryool, Vibe, John Park, Yoon Gun–“Sentimental Musicians” to Make Comeback This Fall

As if to celebrate the cool breeze of fall, musicians full of sentimental soul are to make comebacks. As fall is the season of romantic feelings, the possessors of sincere voices are to steal the hearts of music fans with their new songs.

Kim Dongryool, who has given birth to countless great songs such as “An Essay of Memory,” “The Drunken Truth,” and “The Words of Love” is confirmed for comeback with a new album in early October. There are high expectations for Kim Dongryool’s completed regular album, since it is the first one in 3 years after the album “KimdongrYULE,” which came out in November 2011.

Kim Dongryool has garnered attention by mentioning the album production process on social media. Recently, he has said “the album production has been competed, after making a final confirmation on mastering,” and that he has “done his very best.” He also added, “it was difficult in many aspects, so I feel especially strong about it.” The public is wondering if Kim Dongryool will again present a great song that will make a streak in the music industry.

Vocalist group Vibe (Ryu Jaehyun, Yoon Minsoo) will release a new song after a hiatus. Vibe’s best of the best album, “MEMORIES,” which contains their hit songs from the last 12 years, is to come out this month.

Vibe, which debuted in 2002 with their first regular album, gained huge popularity with the songs whose melodies and lyrics they created on their own. The duo gifted the fans with fantastic harmony in hit songs such as “Although I Hate You, Once Again,” “Liquor,” “That Man, That Woman,” “Going Crazy,” “Looking at the Picture,” “Not Knowing My Heart,” “For a Long Time.”

The new album includes Vibe’s 20 best songs for a trip down memory lane and fresh new songs, after their 6th regular album “ritardando” from last February. The two vocalists, whose voices have consistently been trusted to amaze, are to gift the fans again with their new songs.

John Park of the deep and full voice is to come back as well. Finalist of the Mnet audition program “Superstar K” season 2, he attracted many female fans with his songs “I’m Your Man,” “Baby,” and others.

John Park’s single album “U,” to be released the 12th of this month, was co-produced by Shin Hyuk. Shin Hyuk has written the music for numerous hit songs, including SHINee‘s Dream Girl,” EXO‘s “Growl,” VIXX‘s “Voodoo Doll”; fans are paying attention to what kind of synergy he and John Park will have. The still-mysterious “U” is probably a soul-based, British-pop style song. It is said that John Park’s unique expressive voice is pronounced in this song.

Furthermore, Yoon Gun has announced his comeback. He will release a new regular album after 7 years–his 4th regular album, “Autumn Play.” Yoon Gun will raise our sense of expetancy by making public his new song “See You in Fall” on the 12th of this month. People will be curious to find out how the singer of sensitive lyrics and melodies will showcase his talents.


Source: Star News

Courtesy of Star News
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