KARA’s Park Gyuri to Feature as Weather Woman on ‘Morning Wide’ July 21

KARA‘s Park Gyuri will feature as a weatherwoman on ‘Morning Wide’ on the 21st.

Producer Yoo Youngseok revealed that KARA’s leader Park Gyuri will be hosting a weather show.

On the 18th, producer Yoo Youngseok, reporter Shin Dongwook, and anchors Choi Kihwan and Yoo Kyungmin sat down at a restaurant in Mokdong, Seoul to discuss SBS’s ‘Morning Wide.’ 

At the time, producer Yoo Youngseok started by saying, “Every Monday morning we will have a weather segment called ‘Weather Show’ hosted by a celebrity. Next week’s guest celebrity will be Park Gyuri.”

“In addition, Fridays will feature a segment called ‘Leisure Weather,'” he continued. “The first segment of ‘Morning Wide’ will deliver the weather, and the second segment will focus on more than just the standard weather report. It will set our program apart from the other weather shows.”

“We believe that having a eye catching host will be our distinguishing feature,” reporter Shin Dongwook stated. 

‘Morning Wide’ will drastically break away from the standard format to become a “stylish news show.” The cast of MCs will bring together SBS Productions, Newsroom, CNBC, SBS Sports, and SBS Fun.

The 60 minute program was lengthened to 150 minutes in an effort to provide a variety of viewpoints on any given topic. The show will start anew on the 21st at 6AM. 


Source: Xsports News

Image courtesy of Xsports News
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