Kangta, Shin Hyesung, and Lee Jihoon to Make Comeback as Project Group “S”

It has just been announced that KangtaShin Hyesung and Lee Jihoon’s will be making their first comeback in 11 years with a new album as the project group “S.”

Kangta’s agency, SM Entertainment, announced on October 14th that the S group will release a ballad mini album ‘Autumn Breeze’ on the 27th.

This album will be S group’s first in 11 years since the first regular album announced on September 2003. Songs in S’s first regular album, “I Swear” “Love is…” and “Just One Moment” were big hits and received the love of many fans. Even after the first album’s big hit, the three members, who are all of the same age and seen as best friends, have been active in many other fields, which has elevated the anticipation for this new album.

SM stated, “Kangta wrote, composed, and produced all the songs in this new album,” adding that, “Kangta’s unique musical color and the harmony of the three members will mix together to produce a ballad that will melt the hearts of the fans.”

Meanwhile, after releasing their new mini album, ‘Autumn Breeze,’ the S group is planning on being active once again in various areas.


Source: Star News

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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