Kang Jiyoung Opens Up About KARA, Being Lonely, and More in Japanese Interview

Former KARA member Kang Jiyoung recently admitted that she was “Worried about how people would see me as an actress because of my KARA image.”

On January 3, Japanese media outlet Oricon Style released an interview with Jiyoung, who has been working as an actress in Japan since her departure from KARA last summer.

On the topic of starting work as an actress, Jiyoung said, “The first time I did a drama I liked acting, and thought to myself that I really want to pursue this in earnest. Because I had an image as KARA, I was also concerned about how people would perceive me as an actress. However, my fans and my staff trusted me and I gained a lot of strength from that.”

When she was asked about what it was like to be working alone instead of with a group, Jiyoung answered, “I have a lot more time to think now; whereas before I couldn’t think past tomorrow, now I find myself thinking 5 years or 10 years into the future.”

Jiyoung continued, “Living alone is a bit nerve-wracking, but I am reminding myself, ‘This is my dream so I’m going to do it.'”

It was announced in September that Jiyoung would be making her film debut in a Japanese movie based on a popular manhwa comic called, “Assassination Classroom.”

In the movie, Jiyoung plays a sexy character, and when asked about it Jiyoung said, “It was hard acting sexy. The manhwa is so sexy it’s for 20-years-old and up, and there’s this charisma to the professional assassin. I thought to myself if I wear a blond wig and miniskirts which I don’t usually wear, won’t I be able to become sexy?”

Jiyoung closed out the interview by talking about her future, saying: “Right now I’m trying to reach the distant dream of acting in Japan, but I want to become an actress who works throughout all of Asia. In 10 years I even want to be in Hollywood. I want to expand my skill as an actress. 2014 was the start of my second life, and I was a little embarrassed to immediately refer to myself an actress. In order to show everyone better acting, I want to become even lonelier and stronger. I have heard that actresses are lonely. I want to be able to act so deeply in a piece that worries me and makes my head hurt.”

Congratulations to Jiyoung on her success in Japan, and for more interviews by your favorite idols and artists, stay tuned to moonROK.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of SURE Magazine
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