‘K-pop Star’s’ The Shorties have Signed with CS Entertainment

The stars of SBS ‘K-pop Star,” The Shorties, have found representation.

The Shorties have recently signed an exclusive contract with CS Entertainment, Lady Jane’s agency. The contract has been approved and the girls are guaranteed a debut.

A representative revealed, “[We] feel in love with their singing abililty and stage presence on “K-pop Star. They had been receiving love calls form many other companies, but believed in our staff and the opportunity for growth here and have signed with us.”

Unfortunately, not all three members will be joining. Of the three original members, Ryu Taekyung, Yeo Inhye, and Park Najin, Park Najin withdrew for personal reasons.  The Shorties shed their schoolgirl concept this year, and as a group of three gained much popularity through the broadcast. Their cute and bubbly image captured the hearts of the viewers and their singing ability and harmonies are certainly at a level to be considered in the top 10 for “K-pop Star.” Although these ‘4 Dimensional’ girls received high praise from the judges, they were sadly not included in the top 3.


Source: Ilgan Sports

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