JYP Prepares Special Christmas Gift for GOT7’s Jackson

On the December 23 episode of popular reality show “Roommate,” GOT7 member Jackson was given a special surprise.

On the episode, the cast members of the show invited their family members and friends to the house to have a Christmas party.

Jo Seho suggested that Jackson send a video message to his mother, who lives in Hong Kong, and as Jackson said his heartfelt message he began crying.

As he cried, Park Jinyoung told Jackson, “To be honest, I also prepared a gift.” At that point Jackson’s mother appeared and Jackson cried even harder upon seeing her face.

Jackson embraced his mother tightly, with his father joining in on the hug as well as they all cried together.

Afterwards, Park Jinyoung stated, “I thought it was probably difficult and lonely for Jackson to adapt to life in Korea. However, it seems like it was even harder than I had imagined.”


Source: OSEN

All images courtesy of SBS
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