JYP Not Sending Trainees on “Produce 101” Season 2

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JYP Entertainment has announced that they will not be sending any male trainees to compete on season 2 of “Produce 101.”

Although they had previously said they would, JYP Entertainment will now be joining SM and YG in sitting out of this season of the show.

With the withdrawal of JYP from the show, it seems season 2 of “Produce 101” is having a rough time casting trainees; aside from the mega companies SM and YG, CUBE, BigHit, Woollim, and Starship all also decided not to send trainees out on the show.

One industry insider spoke on the downsides of the “Produce 101” format, saying, “Although I.O.I has had a successful year as a group, the inner workings behind them are a complete mess. There is friction between the different parties involved in each member’s contract, and originally, there were even a few companies who did not want to send their members to the final I.O.I concert. The show is a good way for smaller companies to get exposure and brand recognition, but despite this, there is an extensive series of processes [required for appearing on the show] and they are not revealing their reasons for willingly participating.”

Meanwhile, “Produce 101” season 2 director Han Dongcheol of Mnet has resigned, and last season’s judge Jang Geun Suk has decided not to appear on season 2.

A representative of Mnet stated, “We are currently searching for a new MC, and the resignation of director Han Dongcheol will not affect the overall quality of the program; we are planning for chief producer Lee Sangyoon to take over the director’s role. We are not currently in a position to be giving out more details about the show. Once we are further along in the production process, we will release more information.”

Season 2 of “Produce 101” is scheduled to start airing in the first half of this year, but no official date has been set yet. There’s sure to be more news on the program soon, so stay tuned to moonROK for all the latest Kpop updates!


Source: Ilgan Sports

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