JYP on miss A Comeback: ‘If Questions Concerning Lee Minho Are Asked, We Plan to Answer’

JYP Entertainment made a surprising statement this evening.

The recent revelation of miss A member Suzy and Lee Minho’s relationship status left many miss A fans worried that the group’s comeback might be postponed or cancelled.

JYP Entertainment made a statement today assuring the media that this would not be the case, saying, “We are continuing with the comeback plan we set. The showcase will take place on the 30th and [the group] will appear on broadcasts.”

The next statement that the representative made is one that is sending shockwaves through the media: “It would be good if there were no questions about the relationship, but if they are asked, we plan to answer them.”

Most of the time entertainment companies forbid questions about dating or relationship news, especially if its fresh, but it looks like JYP is giving fans and media the green light to ask away at the showcase and on broadcasts.

Stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on miss A and all of your other favorite idols and artists.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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