JYP Makes Official Statement Regarding Stories of Suzy Departing from miss A

Image courtesy of Herald Pop

Today chatter abounded online claiming that there would be a major change to the miss A team lineup.

According to these rumors, Suzy would be leaving miss A to become a solo singer, while a trainee from JYP’s survival audition program SIXTEEN would be filling her spot in miss A.

JYP Entertainment immediately came out with a statement saying this is all completely baseless. A representative from the company has just told the media, “This is a story we’ve never even heard of. It’s absolutely false.”

When asked about a time frame for Suzy’s solo plans or a miss A comeback, the representative answered, “No details have been decided on yet.”

Looks like we can put those crazy rumors to rest — we don’t publish until a legitimate statement has been made, so stick around moonROK for all the official updates on your favorite Kpop artists and idols.


Source: Herald Pop

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