JYJ’s Park Yoochun to Potentially Star in New Drama

Actor Park Yoochun is a strong candidate to appear in the next project of the writer (Lee Hee-myung) of “Rooftop Prince” on his new project, “The Girl Who Sees Smell.”

An associate of the program told MBN Star on January 20, “Park Yoochun is a strong candidate to play Kim Pyeong-ahn, the male lead in the drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell.'”

“The Girl Who Sees Smell” tells the story of an insensitive man who lost his sister to the “Barcode Murder Case” 3 years ago, and a woman who was in the same accident but miraculously lived with amnesia and supernatural powers.

Lee Hee-myung—who wrote the webtoon series with the same name, and also wrote “Rooftop Prince” and “King of Ambition”—is working with director Baek Soo-chan, who directed “Golden Bride” and “Tazza: The High Rollers.”

The role that Park Yoochun was offered is a character named Kim Pyeong-ahn, a police man with strong sense of justice who protects and falls in love with Seah, the female protagonist who has a special power of seeing smell. Kim Pyeong-ahn and Seah jump into solving a past crime together.

If Park Yoochun confirms this role, it will be a year since SBS’s “Three Days” that Yoochun has returned to dramas. A big hit success for “The Girl Who Sees Smell” is anticipated as Park Yoochun and the writer Lee Hee-myun made such a splash with “Rooftop Prince.”

“The Girl Who Can See Smell” is the new Wednesday-Thursday drama succeeding “Hyde Jekyll, Me.” The first episode will air in April. 


Source: MBN

Image courtesy of MBN
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