JYJ takes over China with “Return of the King” Concert Tour

For the first time in 3 years, JYJ made their comeback and put on performances that shook the nation of China. On the 20th, JYJ performed in Shanghai at the Mercedes Benz Arena for their “Return of the King” concert, in celebration of their 2nd full-length album “Just Us.”

JYJ showed off how much they have grown and put everything into their performance. Not only as a group, but JYJ showed off their abilities to perform as solo acts at their concert.

Rock lover Kim Jaejoong put on a sexy and charismatic performance with songs like “Dear J,” “Butterfly,” and “Mine.” One of the best vocalists among idols Kim Junsu enticed the audience with his powerful dance and vocals with “7 Years Old,” “Tarantallegra,” “Turn It Up,” and “Incredible.” Charming Park Yoochun stole the fans’ hearts, when he performed “30 Years Old,” “Walking with Her in Spring,” and “I Love You”

Also, their performances as a group made the concert worthy of being called “Return of the Kings.” The intense electric guitar in “Creation” and rhythmic dance songs like “Be the One” “BABOBOY” heated up the venue.

Not only with their performances, but JYJ also showed off their great singing abilities with slow tempo songs like “Dad, You There?” “Let Me See” and “So So” through their sweet, mellow harmonies.

They also prepared a special stage for fans. When JYJ sang Eason Chan’s “10 Years,” fans responded by holding placards with the words “We’ll wait 10 more years for JYJ.”

JYJ returned for an encore and performed “Empty” “Get Out” “Fallen Leaves,” completing a 2.5 hour concert of 23 songs. One of the most memorable performances was the 2nd album title track “Back Seat,” which included a sexy chair performance that made it so fans couldn’t tear their eyes away until the end.

On this day, the arena was filled with 11,000 people. Attendees enjoyed the concert from the beginning until the end. The audience was mostly female, but there were also male attendees as well. Jang Su Ai (23) expressed, “This concert was more thrilling than any other one I’ve seen. I hope to see JYJ more often in Shanghai.”

This Asia concert tour began last month on the 9th in Seoul and continued to the 16th in Hong Kong, 23rd in Beijing, 30th in Ho Chi Minh City, September 6th in Chengdu, 11th in Taipei and now the 20th in Shanghai. The Beijing concert attracted 8,000 people, while Chengdu had 9,000 attendees, and Shanghai had 11,000 viewers, resulting in nearly 30,000 people attending JYJ’s concert in China.  JYJ will finish up their Asia tour in Bangkok on the 25th.


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Courtesy of C-JeS
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