Juniel Comes Back With ‘Pisces’

Juniel is back with her newest single “Pisces,” a heart-wrenching ballad about the sorrow and longing following a breakup.

While the lyrics were written by Juniel herself, this time the singer worked together with Korean producer Philtre on the melody, which brought about a quite dramatic composition that is different from the usual acoustic sound of her previous releases.

“Pisces” is Juniel’s first single after she moved to her new agency C9 Entertainment. With lines such as “When the rain comes, I feel like I will meet you again” and rain drop noises, the song creates a unique atmosphere that matches with the rainy season. C9 Entertainment expressed their hope that “Pisces” will become a song that people enjoy listening to during the summer showers.

The music video was filmed against the background of Jeju Island’s blue landscape, with Juniel herself playing the main character. Watch the music video below, and tell us what you think about “Pisces”!



Source: eDaily, 1theK YouTube Channel

All visual and audio media courtesy of C9 Entertainment
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