JunggigoXGiriboy Drop “Days of Disturbance” Music Video Teaser

Giriboy | moonROK
Giriboy | moonROK

Audio and visual media courtesy of Starship Entertainment


Junggigo and Giriboy, two of Starship Entertainment’s prominent solo artists, have just released a teaser for their upcoming collaboration track, “Days of Disturbance.”

Starship Entertainment is known for their collaboration tracks between their artists, with their most famous one being “Some” by SoyouXJunggigo. Giriboy is also known to write songs for both himself and other artists at the company, such as Monsta X, and gained a lot of popularity through the survival competition show “Show Me The Money.” Junggigo’s mature vocals and Giriboy’s unique rap style are sure to produce a great track for this third volume of Starship’s Vintage Box project.

The song will be released on the 16th, so check out the teaser below and stay tuned to moonROK news for all the latest Kpop updates!





Source: starshipTV

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