Jung Yonghwa Talks Personal Hardships, Wanting to Sing with Ailee and IU, and More at Showcase

On January 19 at Maria Callas Hall in Gangnam, Seoul, Jung Yonghwa held a private showcase for his first solo album “One Fine Day.”

Yonghwa, who first debuted as leader of CNBLUE, is showing off his upgraded self as a singer-songwriter through his new album. Yonghwa himself wrote the lyrics, music and arrangements for a total of ten tracks in the form of a regular album.

Yonghwa explained his change of genre in his album “One Fine Day” stating, “I have been preparing for a solo album for over a year, but I had already decided for a solo album two years ago. At first, I was thinking of doing it in a metal or rock genre, but as time went on, I had a change of heart. After last year’s ‘Can’t Stop,’ I started to like calm and quiet music. As I began to spend a lot of time alone, I liked calm ballads.”

When asked about the song “The Last Leaf,” Yonghwa stated, “Many people didn’t know this, but there were many hardships throughout my singing career. At the time, I didn’t even want people asking me how I was doing or even talking to me. I wrote ‘The Last Leaf’ during that time, which is why the song is very meaningful to me.”

Yonghwa was also asked the question, “Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with on your next solo album?” to which he responded, “There are too many. There were no female singers in preparing for this album. In the next album, I would like to have a sweet duet with a female singer. I already have a song written, one which I would like to sing in a duet full of sweet chemistry in the next album.”

He continued, “The singers I would like to sing with are IU and Ailee, with whom I am close with. I also would like to sing with Sun Woojung. Her voice is very charming. I would be very grateful if they would collaborate with me.”

Yonghwa collaborated with many artists in this album. He responded to why there was no participation from artists in his agency by saying, “I want to work with artists that I’ve been wanting to work with before asking the agency. I wrote a song for AOA‘s debut album. I wanted to collaborate with experienced senior artists. Next time, if my friends want, I would like to do it for them too.”

“One Fine Day” is Jung Yong-hwa’s first solo album, and contains a total of ten songs with a title song with the same name. Jung Yong-hwa, participating in writing the music and lyrics to all the songs, tells his honest story through his singing. The album features collaborations with Yoon Do Hyun, Yang Dong Geun, Verbal Jint, Taiwanese star JJ Lin, and American blues guitarist Peter Malick.

The title song, “One Fine Day,” contains the worries of Yonghwa wanting to create a song that differs stylistically from the normal music of his past. Unlike the name, the song relates the days of being alone after separation with paradoxical lyrics and impressive melody. The music video features good acting with sentimental cinematography about a couple’s love story and their heart-breaking separation. 


Source: TV Report, OSEN

Image courtesy of TV Report
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