Jung Woosung to Star in Psy’s ‘Daddy’ Music Video, Filming in West Yongin

Actor Jung Woosung to act in Psy’s newest music video, “Daddy.”

Just outside of Busan, the music video for “Daddy” is being filmed at an amusement park in Yongin, featuring the breathtaking Jung Woosung and ‘little Psy,’ Hwang Minwoo.

An image of these two actors on set was uploaded and spread across various social networking sites, confirming the rumors. Jung Woosung, already a top star in Korea, has the opportunity to be reborn as a world-class actor merely by appearing in Psy’s “Daddy” music video.

Also, “Daddy” will be directed by the same hit-maker Jo Soohyun that directed “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman,” and is sure to garner interest. “Daddy” is the follow up song to Psy’s June release “Hangover,” and will be released mid-August.

Thanks to MyDaily
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