Jo Kwon Wants to Duet with Taeyeon

Who doesn’t want to duet with Taeyeon though?

Jo Kwon recently stated in an interview that if he could duet with anyone, it would be Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation.

When asked in the interview who we would duet with if he could choose anyone, he stated, “Within JYP Entertainment, I want to duet with Ayeon or Yerin. Both of them recently put out solo albums, and because both of them express their hearts so well through song, I find them admirable. If there’s ever a chance, I want to work together with them.”

Jo Kwon went on to say, “If it’s any other company, I want to duet with Taeyeon. We’re the same age and I think our vocal colors would match really well. A while ago while Sunye was promoting with the Wonder Girls, I had a lot of exchanges with Girls’ Generation, and they particularly like hilarious, ‘kkap’ things. Even then I think Taeyeon and I had a bond.”

We will be patiently waiting for the day that Jo Kwon and Taeyeon get in the studio together, but until that glorious day arrives, be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite K-pop idols and artists.


Source: MyDaily

Image courtesy of MyDaily
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