Jessica to Make First Appearance Since SNSD Split on October 16th

It has just been announced that Jessica will be making her first appearance since her split with Girls’ Generation.

Jessica will be taking her first steps in her new life as a designer with an appearance at a department store on October 16th in China to promote her brand BLANC&ECLARE.

The event was reportedly not organized by SM Entertainment, but individually by Jessica herself and Tyler Kwon.

A representative from the Chinese department store stated, “Jessica is attending the 1-year anniversary of the department store’s opening as the founder of ‘BLANC&ECLARE,'” continuing that Jessica’s sunglasses line will be sold at the department store.

It seems that Jessica is officially kicking off her career as a designer, stay tuned to moonROK for more updates on Jessica and her progress in her new career.


Source: Dispatch

Image courtesy of BLANC Group
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