Jessica Denies All Ties with Choi Soon Sil in Official Statement

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If you’ve been paying attention to international news, you are likely aware that there is a massive political scandal that has been rocking Korea for the past few weeks.

In a bizarre and unforeseeable turn of events, it was discovered that President Park Geun Hye has been confiding in and been controlled by her close friend and confidant Choi Soon Sil. Choi Soon Sil is a religious cult leader who has used her influence over the President to affect legislation and amass a fortune, and the uncovering of her hold on the President has led to what the media is calling “Choi Soon Sil-Gate”.

Multiple celebrities have been implicated in “Choi Soon Sil-Gate” the latest of whom seems to be former Girls’ Generation member Jessica.

Today, Congressman Ahn Minsuk made a serious accusation by saying, “There are celebrities who are related to Choi Soon Sil-gate.” As a result of his remarks, a list of celebrities rumored to be involved spread like wildfire across the Internet.

One of the names on that list was Jessica’s. In reaction to the rumors, Jessica’s company Coridel Entertainment has just issued a statement, saying, “There is absolutely no affiliation between our company’s artists and the remarks made today by Congressman Ahn Minsuk about celebrities connected to Choi Soon Sil-gate.”

The statement continues, “As we clarify that these current tabloid headlines about Ahn Minsuk are completely unfounded, we would also like to inform you that we will be taking legal action against the false and malicious articles being uploaded and distributed online and via SNS in relation to this as if they are actual true reports.”

The Coridel representative goes on to state, “We find it very unfortunate that our artist Jessica was mentioned without any grounds or circumstance, and we decided that this has become a serious national issue that we could not overlook.”

The representative closed out their statement by saying, “As both a celebrity and as an individual this is an issue that could hugely damage [Jessica’s] image and honor, and cause emotional damage as well, so we first ask that you delete any comments regarding this.”

More celebrities are bound to be accused and subsequently deny affiliation with Choi Soon Sil in the near future, so be sure to stick around moonROK and keep an eye on this bizarre political scandal as it continues to unfold.


Source: MyDaily

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