IU Explains the Anger and Sadness She Felt While Writing ‘Knees’

Singer/songwriter IU recently made a comeback with the release of her new album “CHAT_SHIRE“, and one particular song is garnering tons of interest from the public.

The singer is receiving praise for her emotional acoustic live version of her song “Knees“, which she performs flawlessly, accompanied only by a piano.

The song’s lyrics are quite moving, describing a night in which one can’t sleep and the desire for the familiarity and comfort of a loved one whose lap you can comfortably and deeply sleep on.

When asked about the writing process for the song, IU said, “I completely forgot how to eat and sleep properly. It’s a song that I wrote on a night when I couldn’t sleep because I was so angry and sad.”

The singer continues, “I thought to myself, ‘under what circumstances would I be able to sleep well?’ The thought came to me that I would be able to sleep well if I could just lie on that knee. I wrote this song thinking of my grandmother.”

Check out IU’s touching live performance of “Knees” below, and stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite K-pop artists and idols.


Source: The Herald Economy

All visual and audio media courtesy of 1theK
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