I.O.I to Make Full Group Comeback in October

According to I.O.I‘s representatives, the group will be making a full comeback with all 11 members in October.

The group’s representatives told the Korean media today that I.O.I will be coming back with a full-length album, and that in fact they began recording tracks for it last weekend and are accelerating preparations.

The title song has yet to be decided upon, but it has been revealed that BrandNew Music producer Rhymer wrote two of the tracks for the album.

I.O.I’s representative made a statement on the group’s progress, saying, “Ahead of their full comeback, the I.O.I members are striving to wrap things up to show a good side of themselves. The broadcast for their comeback has been confirmed and the group plans to do their best to return the love that fans have given them all this time.”

I.O.I was formed through the Mnet audition program “Produce 101,” and as most of the members of the group are from different agencies, their contracts as a group will end early next year.

The group debuted and promoted following the end of “Produce 101,” and this will be their first comeback with all 11 members, so be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on I.O.I’s October return.


Source: Ilgan Sports

Image courtesy of YMC Entertainment
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