INFINITE’s Sungkyu Talks About Working with Girl’s Day’s Yura in New KBS Drama

At 3pm KST today, a press conference was held for KBS’s new web drama, “Love Detective Sherlock K,” in which INFINITE member Sungkyu will be playing the role of a rich playboy.

At the press conference, Sungkyu joked, “Because I’ve never cheated on anyone before I’m a little worried, so I guess I’ll have to go to a club and figure out the method for stealing the ladies’ hearts.”

Sungkyu continued, “However, I am nervous to be playing the role of a second generation chaebol who lives worry-free without earning any actual money. Because it’s acting, I will try my hardest in everything to become a second generation chaebol.”

Girl’s Day member Yura will also be acting in the drama, and when asked about her, Sungkyu stated, “We’re not that close, but I like seeing how hard she tries. I hope that we’ll both be able to try our best to make a really cool drama.”

“Love Detective Sherlock K” will air its first episode on March 28, so be sure to tune in to check out the two INFINITE and Girl’s Day members in their new roles.


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of TV Report
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