Infinite H and Rhymer to Collaborate

Popular idol group Infinite H is joining forces with musical giant BrandNew Music and are launching a project early next year.

Infinite H—a hip-hop unit consisting of Infinite’s two members, Hoya and Dongwoo—released “Special Girl” in January of 2013, and are resuming their promotions after 2 years.

The excitement surrounding Infinite H’s comeback is due to Infinite H’s working with BrandNew Music, which Rhymer is heading. Having collaborated with Primary in their last album, Infinite H is garnering attention and excitement for their new collaboration with BrandNew Music.

BrandNew Music’s famous producer will work with most of their songs in Infinite H’s new album. They will also collaborate with many of the agency’s artists.

Infinite H is planning on appearing on BrandNew Music’s family concert “BrandNew Concert” on the 7th, and officially announcing their collaboration.

The new song was originally planned to be released January of next year as their comeback. However, since the album is not yet complete, there is a chance the comeback may be delayed.

Infinite’s album, “Season 2,” sold 160,000 records this year, and ranked an impressive #5 in 2014’s overall count. It will be interesting to see whether Infinite will prove their musical power in hip-hop genre, which has recently made a big mark on the music charts.

BrandNew Music reigned on the top of the music charts this past year due to their in-house artists such as San E. In addition to collaborating with Infinite H, Rhymer also participated in Starship Entertainment’s hip-hop boy group audition program, “No. Mercy.”

Infinite H, with their first 2013 song “Special Girl,” rose to the top of the music charts and received praise for their melody-like rap and sensibility.

Meanwhile, Infinite F—consisting of Infinite’s members L, Sungyeol, and Sungjong—is continuing their activities with their newest single as well.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of OSEN
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