IMFACT Plans Monthly Releases and Concert/Fan Meetings for 2017

Audio and visual media courtesy of Star Empire


In keeping with the current trend, boy group IMFACT has announced that they will be starting a monthly project to release new music and hold mini fan meetings and concerts each month.

This project series is called “IMFACTORY,” and their agency, Star Empire, announced that the launching showcase took place at the fan meeting on the 7th. They even announced the title of their upcoming January release, which translates to “Without You.” The project title combines the words “impact” and “factory” to convey the group’s hopes in making an impact in the lives of their fans and how productive the hope 2017 to be for them.

Their new song “Without You” is expected to be released in mid-January, so keep reading moonROK for all the latest updates on IMFACT and all your other favorite Kpop artists!



Source: HeraldPOP

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