‘I Am a Singer’ Prepares for Special Stages

Singer Yoon Minsoo will perform with Ben, nicknamed “Little Lee Sunhee,” for a special performance on the music competition show “I Am a Singer.”

According to numerous broadcast staff, Yoon Minsoo will come to MBC on September 3rd to record the special stage with Ben. Both singers were praised for their duet on Mnet’s latest show “Singer Game,” as Wheesung also declared them the final winners.

On this day, Kim Jongseo, Park Kiyoung, Fly to the Sky, The One, SISTAR’s Hyorin and more will appear on “I Am a Singer.” Nam Heesuk, Kim Shinyoung and Jo Seho will participate as the MCs.

“I Am a Singer” is also preparing many other special stages. The featured artists will perform and the 500 members of the audience each have a voting button that’ll allow them to vote for their favorite performance. The results will determine the order that the singers will perform their cover songs.


Source: Herald Pop

Courtesy of Mnet
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