Hyorin to Make Appearance on Season 3 of ‘I Am a Singer’

SISTAR member Hyorin will appear on MBC’s official music variety entertainment program, “I Am Singer – Season 3,” and show off her critically acclaimed singing abilities.

Many of the program’s representatives revealed to Star News on the Januar that Hyorin and the producers have recently finished their discussion on her joining “I Am Singer.”

The producers of “I Am Singer” decided on this coming January 21 as the first shooting date, and Hyorin will also appear on stage on this day. The first episode of “I Am Singer” is planned to be broadcasted on the January 30 at 10pm KST.

After debuting as a member of SISTAR in 2010, Hyorin has been singled out as one of the best vocalist among today’s Korean girl group singers. She has also appeared on a past episode of “I Am Singer” in the Lunar New Year special, singing Park Sun Joo’s “Gwiro” with impressive skill.

After the confirmation of her appearance on “I Am Singer,” anticipation has been greatly raised as to what singing battles there will be between Hyorin and other singers.

The producers of “I Am Singer” stated, “The line-up consists of musicians that are participating in diverse activities. We will do our best to create an environment where the appearing musician will be able to display their musical potential and capacity in the fullest. We ask for much support and interest.”

The producers also stated, ” In considering the concept and personality of ‘I Am Singer, Season 3,’ we decided that a set number of episodes were more apt, rather than how the past seasons were run. We are thinking of 13 episodes for this season.”

Again, Hyorin’s episode will be broadcast on January 30, so be sure to tune in!


Source: StarNews

Image courtesy of StarNews
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