Hyeri and Leeteuk to MC ‘Gaon Chart K-pop Award’ Show Together

It has just been announced that Hyeri of Girl’s Day and Leeteuk of Super Junior will be hosting the “Gaon Chart K-pop Award” show together.

On January 6, Gaon announced, “Leeteuk and Hyeri will be MCing the ‘4th Gaon Chart K-pop Award’ show on the 28th at 7pm at Olympic Park.”

As Korea’s official data aggregator of album sales and digital downloads, the “Gaon Chart K-pop Awards” recognize artists and groups who have received the most love from fans over the course of the year.

The show will take place on January 28 at 7pm KST, so make sure to tune in to see Leeteuk and Hyeri hosting.


Source: OSEN


Image courtesy of OSEN
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