Horan to Release Solo Mini Album

Horan‘s agency, Ziha Dahl, announced on the 24th she will be releasing a solo mini album.

The mini album, titled Wonderland, will include her June releases, “Chamchi-Mayo” and “Diving”, and last month’s releases “Mari” and “Mari & I”. The other two yet unreleased tracks on the mini album will be the title track, “Alice,” and “Bye Bye Wonderland.”

“Alice” is a vintage rock song that compares falling in love to Alice falling down the rabbit hole in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” that showcases Horan’s unique and refreshing vocals. “Bye Bye Wonderland” is the final song on the album, and it wraps up the storytelling of the album in a musical conclusion, and tells the story of people putting on a grotesquely cheerful front in a powerful way, making it sure to stand out as the most memorable track on the album.

A Ziha Dahl representative said, “Horan’s mini album Wonderland‘s refreshing rock sound and emotional lyrics make for a complete storytelling experience.” Horan is said to have helped in many of the aspects of creating this album herself.

Check out the album art below and stay tuned for the full release soon!



Source: Yeonhap News

Visual media courtesy of Ziha Dahl
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