Hi Suhyun Talks About Their Plans for Stage Debut

YG’s new unit, Hi Suhyun, released a statement on the 14th about the group’s debut.

In front of a gathering of reporters at a local café, Lee Suhyun was asked, “Since today is the first snowfall of the year, please tell us Hi Suhyun’s wish.” She replied by saying, “Lee Suhyun, Lee Hi, and Bobby are coming together as a unit at our young ages, and I hope that we continue to grow together and put out new music that showcases that growth.”

Hi Suhyun also said, “Bobby is a very important part of I’m Different; he has that competitive edge. We will, of course, be performing with Bobby on stage, but not for our first performance since Bobby will be away on iKon’s dome tour.”

Of their debut stage, they said, “We hope that our stage performance fulfills all your expectations. I’m Different is meant to evoke the imagination. We have made surprise preparations for the stage that, like the title, are sure to be different and hold your gaze. The performance is sure to be interesting.”

Hi Suhyun’s debut single “I’m Different” released on the 11th. I’m Different is a powerful R&B song that blends Lee Hi’s soulful vocals and AKMU’s Lee Suhyun’s clean and captivating voice.

Fans are still awaiting the release of the unit’s music video and their first stage performance.


Source: XSports News

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