HI SUHYUN to Release ‘I’m Different’ Music Video

YG’s new unit group HI SUHYUN consists of artists Lee Hi and Suhyun from Akdong Musician. The song “I’m Different” features Bobby from iKON and all three artists will star in the music video.

The song was released on November 11 and as it has received so much attention, people are curious to know whether a music video will be released. A YG Entertainment official revealed, “We are now producing a music video for HI SUHYUN’s ‘I’m Different.’ We plan to film additional footage today and tomorrow.”

Originally, it was planned for the music video to drop along with the track. However the music video relase was delayed to ensure it would be of the highest quality. Lee Hi and Soohyun will play the female leads and Bobby will play the male lead.

The official also revealed, “The music video will closely reflect the lyrics. It’ll feature a lively teenage love triangle with rapper Bobby caught in between Lee Hi and Soohyun.” The music video is scheduled to release once filming and editing are completed.

Meanwhile, HI SUHYUN’s “I’m Different” has achieved an all-kill on the charts. Even before the release, many people were anticipating the song and the synergy of their voices did not disappoint listeners.


Source: TV Report

Courtesy of YG Entertainment
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