Heo Youngji On Joining KARA: “I Will Work Myself to Death”

Heo Youngji (20) tearfully shared her thoughts on being chosen to become a new member of KARA.

On the final live stage of MBC Music’s “KARA Project – KARA the Beginning,” which aired on July 1, Heo Youngji beat Sojin, Somin, and Chae Won with the highest total score and became a new member of KARA.

After the broadcast, Heo Youngji conveyed her excitement at the interview, saying she was “ecstatic to join KARA as a new member.” To the question “did you know that you would be selected as a KARA member?” she replied, “I did not expect it at all,” and burst into tears.

Heo Youngji, who wept on the show after being selected a a KARA member, revealed that she felt “gratitude toward everyone thinking about all the time spent with the Baby KARA members.” Then she added with determination: “I will work myself to death so that KARA’s name will not be in shame.”

Heo Youngji has maintained the position of a front runner since the first episode of “KARA Project.” She was especially popular in the global votes, as she never missed first place. She is evaluated as one who is at once cute and sexy, and possesses both stable singing and dance skills.

KARA members also said, “You worked very hard until now, Baby KARA,” sending their encouragement to the Baby KARA members who participated in “KARA Project.” Then they assured the fans: “we will keep up the steam, please watch us.”

Heo Youngji joins Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara to form the 4-member KARA, who plan to make a comeback this summer.


Source: eDaily

Image courtesy of DSP Media
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