Henry Wins an Impressive 3 Trophies at Chinese Award Show

Following the promotions for his second solo album, “Fantastic,” Henry won three awards on the 27th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center at the “Metro Radio Mandarin Hit Music Awards 2014.” Henry’s explosive popularity was once again displayed as he took home the “Most Popular Idol Award,” “Best Male Singer Dancer Award,” and “Song of the Year.”

The “Metro Radio Mandarin Hit Music Awards 2014,” which has been hosted by Metro Radio since 2002, is a yearly large scale awards ceremony that celebrates Chinese speaking TV, radio, and artists of all types. Besides Henry, other notable guests included Hong Kong actor/singer Joey Yung, Chinese singer BiBi Zhou, Alien Huang, and Taiwanese group Lollipop F.

Besides Henry’s solo albums, “Trap” and “Fantastic,” being wildly popular and winning “ost Popular Idol Award” and “Best Male Singer Dancer Award,” Super Junior M’s “Swing” won the biggest award, “Song of the Year.” With Henry as the Super Junior M representative, he proved his influence in the Chinese market with both his solo and group activities by taking home three awards.

At the ceremony, Henry said, “I would like to say thank you for awarding me such a large honor. I would like to especially thank the Hong Kong fans and I hope that we get to see each other more often. Thank you again to everyone.” The crowd cheered for him during this and also for his acceptance speeches for his awards for “Trap” and “Fantastic.”

Henry will be doing interviews for the public via channel TVB Jade’s music show “Jade Solid Gold Record” and also a radio program.  


Source: OSEN

Photo credit: SM Entertainment
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