g.o.d Member Joon Confirms Relationship

g.o.d member Joon Park is currently in a relationship with a stewardess who is 13 years younger than him.

Joon Park’s agency has just stated, “It is confirmed that Joon Park has been in a relationship with a stewardess, 13 years younger, for a year now. They are happy together and we hope everyone will be supportive.”

Given his candid nature, Joon Park freely talks about his girlfriend via SNS or on SBS’s celebrity reality show, “Roommate.”

Joon Park has been making public the fact that he has a girlfriend through broadcast network. On the Novmeber 16th episode of “Roommate,” Joon Park revealed, “Our personalities match very well. She laughs often. She’s very easy going and unaffected. I really like that about her.”

After g.o.d’s activities following their 7th album in 2005, Joon Park went over to America and starred in Hollywood movies such as “Dragon Ball Evolution,” and “Speed Racer.” This year, he joined g.o.d once again for a successful comeback. He is currently active in entertainment shows like “Infinite Challenge,” “SNL,” and “Roommate” showing off his witty humor. He was given the nickname “Frozen Human.”


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of TV Report
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