GLAM Requests Contract Cancellation, Eventually Splits

It has just been revealed that girl group GLAM requested that their agency cancel the contract, and as a result broke up.

A representative of GLAM’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, told OSEN on January 15, “It is true that GLAM has broken up. The contract has recently been canceled.”

The representative continued, “The members asked for the contract cancellation and we have not discussed future activities of the members.”

On the 15th in courtroom 523 of the Seoul Central District Court, the sentence date was given to the two people arrested and charged for threatening actor Lee Byung-hun. The justice department sentenced model Lee Jee-yun to one year and 2 months in prison and GLAM member Dahee to one year for jointly violating the law on acts of violence and punishment.

According to the prosecution, Lee Jee-yun and Dahee met with Lee Byung-hun a few times after having been introduced by an anonymous “Ms. A,” and then blackmailed him for $4.5 million USD with a recording of Lee Byung-hun talking obscenely. Lee Byung-hun immediately contacted the police, and Lee Jee-yun and Dahee were arrested this past September for attempted threat and blackmail.

In the first open hearing in October, Lee Jee-yun and Dahee, through their attorneys, admitted to blackmailing Lee Byung-hun for $4.5 million USD with the video, but claimed that the process and the details of what happened are different from the prosecution’s case. Afterward, they released several letters of apology. 

Whether or not Dahee’s involvement with the blackmailing of Lee Byung-hun resulted in the end of GLAM, it seems that group will no longer be promoting together.


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment
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