Girls’ Generation Members Give Words of Support to Seohyun as she Grows Out of Her ‘Maknae’ Image

The members of Girls’ Generation showed their support for their youngest member, Seohyun, on this week’s broadcast of “Channel SNSD”.

On the episode, the group brought up Seohyun’s transition from a young girl who lives an upright life to “sexy Seohyun”, saying that when they debuted Seohyun had a pure image and people thought all she did was read books, but that lately through her revealing stage outfits she has begun to shed that image for a sexier one.

Tiffany and the other members of the group then began playing around, copying Seohyun’s sexy poses, when Sooyoung brought up a more serious point, saying, “I personally think that Seohyun’s transition is an advantage”.

Sooyoung continued, “This is a good opportunity for Seohyun to try to transition from her uptight image to a different one. A while back when she was doing the musical ‘Gone With the Wind’ she had to wear an outfit with a plunging neckline, and having to do this kind of thing for work, she became a very admirable maknae. I hope that she won’t rush to change her image. I’d like it if she just keeps naturally doing well like she is now.”

Tiffany and Hyoyeon then added in, “As the forever maknae in our group, she’s adorable and pretty”.

Seohyun then gave a heartfelt thanks to her members, and though the group was chatting nonchalantly, the topic seemed to bring old memories to the surface which resulted in Seohyun tearing up.

The group members then all playfully started yelling at her, “I love you Seohyun!!”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will be releasing their new album on August 18 and 19, but until then check out the screencaps from the show below, and be sure to stick around moonROK for more updates on your favorite artists and idols.


Source: OSEN



Images courtesy of OnStyle and SM Entertainment
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