Girls’ Generation Member Yuri in Consideration to Star in Pet Reality Program

It was reported by multiple media outlets earlier today Yuri of Girls’ Generation would be starring in the sequel to MBC’s popular reality show “Dad! Where Are You Going?”

The sequel is said to be a spin-off in which the reality program follows stars and their pets.

In response to these reports, an MBC representative stated, “It is true that a sequel to ‘Dad! Where Are You Going’ is under discussion, but nothing has been confirmed.”

The representative continued, “While the organization hasn’t been finalized, it is true that we are in preparation. Because the show is about animals, we are choosing candidates who like animals. Therefore we are at the point where we are carefully reaching out [to potential cast members]. Yuri has not been confirmed as a member.”

It looks like we will have the opportunity to see some of our favorite stars on the sequel to “Dad! Where Are You Going?” but nothing is confirmed yet, so stay tuned to moonROK to find out who will be starring on the show!


Source: TV Report

Image courtesy of SM Entertainment
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