Girl’s Day Member Hyeri Donates Over $40,000 USD to Seomun Market Fire Relief Efforts

Hyeri | moonROK
Hyeri | moonROK

Image courtesy of DreamT Entertainment

Today it was belatedly revealed that Girl’s Day member Hyeri secretly made a massive donation to the Seomun Market fire relief efforts.

In late November of this year, a huge fire blazed through the Seomun Market in Daegu. The fire took over 800 people, 100 fire engines, and two helicopters to extinguish, and resulted in huge damages to over 800 shops in the market.

The market is in Park Geun-hye’s hometown, leading many to suspect that the disaster was the result of arson by a citizen unhappy with Park and Choi Soon-sil.

Regardless of the reason for the fire, the disaster led to many vendors losing their only source of income as their shops and all of the product in them burned to the ground. In an effort to help their Korean citizens with their resultant damages from the fire, many celebrities have donated money to relief efforts.

Today, it was revealed that Girl’s Day member Hyeri donated nearly $42,000 USD (50 million KRW) to the relief effort under her birth name, Lee Hye-ri. Hyeri told the organization accepting donations that it wasn’t necessary and that she didn’t want her name or donation amount revealed, but in the end it seems that the organization wanted the Girl’s Day member to be recognized for her good deed.

Not even Hyeri’s entertainment company knew that she had made the donation, and when asked about it, a representative from DreamT Entertainment told the press, “We had no idea. No exterior sources told us, and it seems that [Hyeri] just wanted to quietly do a good deed.”

The representative continues, “Because Hyeri didn’t grow up in a well-off family, it seems like she probably [made the donation] because she has many memories of hard times like [the ones these people are suffering].”

Props to Hyeri for her heart-warming deed in others’ time of need. We love it when our favorite idols show their philanthropic side.


Source: eDaily, Korea Times

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