Get a Preview of ‘Sweet Girl’ with B1A4’s Album Pre-Listening Video

This morning, B1A4 released an audio preview for their new album, “Sweet Girl”.

The album is the group’s 6th, and contains a variety of genres from glossy hip-hop to soulful pop. “Sweet Girl” is set to be released on August 10, but until then, check out the tracklist and the album preview below!

1. Sweet Girl
2. Wait
3. 10 Years Later
4. You Are A Girl I Am A Boy
5. Love is Magic


Source: WM Entertainment

All visual and audio media courtesy of WM Entertainment
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  1. PeaceofMind05 7 years ago
    The only song I don’t like so much from this preview video is the fourth track. The ballad (2nd track) and the third one are the best.

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