Gain Trades Clothes for Body Glitter in Brown Eyed Girls Teaser for ‘Brave New World’

Just now, Brown Eyed Girls released the teaser video for their new song “Brave New World“, and fans and the public alike are abuzz with excitement.

The excitement is both for the fact that this will be the group’s first album release in two years, and perhaps also a little bit for the fact that Gain is naked in the new teaser (very “brave” indeed, you go girl!).

The group has been releasing teasers for each of their tracks from their new album “Basic” all week, and the group’s genre diversifies with each release.

“Brave New World” has an ambient sound to it that heightens anticipation for what the group’s single will sound like, so check it out below!


Source: MYSTIC Entertainment

All visual and audio media courtesy of MYSTIC Entertainment
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