Gain Plans Live V-app Broadcast Schedule for ‘Carnival’ Comeback

Three days before her comeback, Gain has released information for her “Naver V-app Comeback Countdown Live” broadcast on the 8th and a showcase for the fans on the 9th, titled “Carnival.”

Gain will be returning to the music scene as a solo artist on the 9th with her new album, End Again, and to celebrate that, she will be holding a V-app broadcast on Sept 8th at 11:30pm on the Brown Eyed Girls channel. Through her broadcast and her showcase, which will also be broadcast via V-app, Gain will have the chance to personally explain her new album concept, her title track, “Carnival (The Last Day)”, explain her songwriting process, and much more.

The showcase on the 9th will be open to fans, and will be held at the Baekam Art Hall in Seoul at 9pm. Gain will also be performing on Music Bank on Friday.

End Again is the first album in a two album series, and has six tracks, including the title track “Carnival.” The first track on End Again, was written as a prequal track to help tie together the story that will span across both albums. The second album in the series will be titled Begin Again, and will also be a full album. More detailed release information will be revealed later, so stay tuned to moonROK as more information becomes available!


Source: XSports News

Audio media courtesy of Mystic89
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