G-Dragon Talks About Working With Taeyang Vs. TOP

YG’s latest hip hop unit project GD x TAEYANG’s G-Dragon compares working with Taeyang and TOP.

During a roundtable interview held at a cafe in Seoul, G-Dragon revealed, “Taeyang is more comfortable [to work with] than TOP.” In 2010, G-Dragon collaborated with fellow Big Bang member TOP as GD&TOP and released an album. This time G-Dragon is teaming up with another member Taeyang.

He explained, “Because rappers have pride, when we try to follow our own musical styles, we end up butting heads. But of course, this is a fight to produce greater music.”

He continued, “I’m not saying that Taeyang obediently follows my lead. But, I understand Taeyang’s style and I have participated in the making of his album, so it’s more comfortable. Even when I don’t give Taeyang direction, he comes up with something better than what I wanted. If we made an album together, it’s possible that Taeyang would be uncomfortable, but because we only made one song, it turned out well.”

Also, G-Dragon mentioned, “TOP’s schedule is completely different from mine and he’s always busy, so we don’t meet often. But, Taeyang is always in the studio,” evoking laughter.


Source: Mydaily


Courtesy of YG Entertainment
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