f(x)’s Thoughts on Their Shocking New Comeback

MyDaily sat down with SM girl group f(x) on July 3 to talk about their “Red Light” comeback – below is a translation of the interview and resultant article.


Girl group f(x)’s recent comeback has smashed the public’s expectations by being the darkest song (in both musical style and concept) since their debut. “We really like it,” said Krystal.

We met up with f(x) in the waiting room at Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ as they prepared to perform ‘Red Light,’ the title song for their third full-length album. Maybe it was due to the drastically different hairstyles, but the members seemed to have a more feminine air about them in comparison to their images for their second album, ‘Pink Tape.’ Compared to the usual nerves before a comeback performance, f(x)’s bright faces showed their confidence in ‘Red Light.’

The members were unusually determined. “We’re overflowing with ambition! I would rate our ambition more than 100 points out of 100,” said Luna. “I would say we’re 1,000 points driven!” Victoria agreed. Smilling, Amber chimed in, “I say 10,000!”

Feeling regretful that their last promotion cycle had been so short, the members expressed their desire to get closer to the fans they had been away from for so long. “We’ve always hoped for short promotions, but this time we would like to show you a longer promotion period,” Sulli said. Amber agreed by saying, “Compared to our last round of promotions, we’re going to spend more time with the fans. Since we don’t have very much time together and this is our first comeback in a long while, we feel greedy for time spent with our fans.”

“We all personally got to give a lot of input during the preparations for this album,” Krystal revealed. “We feel bad that our last promotions were so short. This will be a fun and interesting comeback for everyone to make up for the long wait.”

“We didn’t get to fully showcase our vocals last time,” Luna stated, “This time around, we’ve prepared songs of all different genres to give a wider variety of performances.” The seriousness of her tone betrayed her intense desire. Upon seeing Luna’s resolute face, Krystal pointed at her and exclaimed, “Look at her expression!,” causing the other members to laugh.

 “Since we only comeback once a year and always try something different, we’re usually curious to see what kind of anticipation and response we’ll receive,” leader Victoria confessed. “Although some people were worried that our new song ‘Red Light’ would be too much of a challenge, we’re thankful that we always have something new to test ourselves with. Also, it wasn’t that hard,” she laughed.

Krystal had even received some chic encouragement from her older sister, Jessica of Girls’ Generation. “Do well today! But why are you heading out so early?” “My sister was a little shocked to see my hair,” said Krystal, whose hair had transformed into a bright blonde.

After successfully performing on M!Coutndown, f(x) will perform on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ on July 4th, MBC’s ‘Music Core’ on the 5th, and SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ on the 6th to start off their promotions. The 3rd full-length album ‘Red Light’ will release on the 7th of July.


Source: MyDaily

Images courtesy of MyDaily
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