Former EXO Member Kris Makes First Public Appearance Since Leaving, Performs for Fans

Former EXO member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) makes his first official public appearance since leaving the group.

The day following the Beijing release of his recent film “Somewhere Only We Know,” Kris held a “crank up” conference with the press. Aside from fleeting reports of filming activities and schedules, the meeting was Kris’s first formal appearance in front of major media outlet reporters. Kris attended the conference with the full cast and crew from the movie, including lead actress Wang Li Kun, Jiang Chao, and movie director Xu Jinglei.  

Director Xu Jinglei freely expressed her affection for Kris in his first leading role, revealing, “Of course there were a lot of awkward scenes, but Kris received a lot of help. The other cast members, the camera crew, the lighting crew, and all the staff came forward to help Kris perform his role to the best of his ability. He’s a bright kid with a lot of wit, but even that alone doesn’t fully explain him. I knew he was perfect when I saw the footage.” She continued praising him by saying, “Kris will definitely rise to greatness.”

Although this is Kris’ first public appearance since leaving EXO in May four months ago, he made no reference to this fact. Kris had not seemed to have affected the usual nervousness most actors show at the release of their first movie. Instead, Kris had prepared a special stage for the gathered fans. He performed John Legend’s “All of Me” with a video of still cuts from the film shoot in Prague playing in the background.

Kris filed an exclusive contract nullification lawsuit against his former company SM Entertainment back in May. Kris continued with solo acting and singing activities in China during the dispute.


Source: TV Report

Photo taken from ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ Official Weibo
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