Finishing HA:TFELT Was Like WWIII Between JYP and Yenny

Yenny of Wonder Girls recently confessed that getting a solo album was like starting a war against J.Y. Park.

In an interview with OSEN News, Yenny admitted, “While I was writing the album I fought with J.Y. Park so much. The album was like World War III.”

Yenny continued, “Even selecting the single was like war. I really liked the third track, ‘Ain’t Nobody,’ but the fourth track, ‘Bond,’ is the only sexy track on the album. Obviously, J.Y. Park recommended [‘Bond’] as the title track for the album. He claimed that, ‘This sort of sexiness is that of a dimension that only you can show.'”

Yenny further explained, “I absolutely never thought of HA:TFELT’s sexy concept as a bad thing. However, going with the sexy concept theme, I suffered through the composition of two songs.  It seemed like in my previous music I wasn’t really expressing myself, so this time I pushed as far as I could.”

Yenny also admitted that J.Y. Park wrote her an 11-page letter explaining why she should change a few songs around and structure the album a certain way.

“It was also a war over the jacket cover,” explained Yenny, who continued, “the name of the project was the last war. J.Y. Park thought it should just be ‘Ye-eun’ and he tried to persuade me by saying ‘people will hate this name.'”

Yenny continued, “However, I was determined to use HA:TFELT as my writing/producing name, rather than Wonder Girls Yenny. I don’t have any regrets about that decision.”

According to Yenny, HA:TFELT is a combination of the words “hot” and “heartfelt,” so a double meaning is achieved.

Have you listened to the new HA:TFELT album yet? If so what are your thoughts?


Source: OSEN

Image courtesy of JYP Entertainment
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  1. Victoria 7 years ago
    JYP was right, the name is too weird lol. I thought it was the album name, not her name O.o But at least it’s genuine, something she chose on her own. That’s rare in kpop.

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